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All users are responsible for understanding and following the PIPER Policy document, which explains the rules and responsibilities for researchers and participants. Read the PIPER Policy in full before you begin participating in studies.

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Piper is all extra credit (no requirements). Some studies may offer payment for your participation
Make sure you have a course that offers extra credit for research participation. Read your syllabus and then check with your instructor. An active Sona account does NOT guarantee extra credit for your class.
Accounts are cleared every semester. Check your TCNJ email for your login information. The Sona system sent you an email to log in and set up your account. You set your own password for Sona (not necessarily your TCNJ login password).

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If you have any questions or problems with PIPER, please consult the FAQs and the PIPER PolicyIf you still have a question or problem after checking these sources, you can contact the the PIPER system coordinator at piper@tcnj.edu